The 2019/2020 NFL season is upon us!

Most teams are halfway through their 4-game pre-season, and opening night is less that 20 days away.

The first game of the new season features a divisional rivalry between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers. They’ll battle it out at Soldier Field on September 5th.

As football fans ourselves, it behooves us to create some hilarious football themed t-shirt designs that will add a little comedy to your Sunday football ritual.

So that’s exactly what we did! Here’s a list of the funniest football t-shirts on the internet, brought to you by the hardworking, football loving crew at BigBadTees:

#5 – (Panty) Raider Nation!

PANTY RAIDERS – Poke fun at the most die-hard fans in football: RAIDER NATION! They haven’t had success since they won the Superbowl in 1983. Maybe the additions of Jon “Chucky” Gruden and Antonio Brown will help? Probably not. But time will tell…Grab one here.

Panty Raiders T-Shirt by 

#4 – Fu*k. My. Life. 

FML – This hilarious NFL Football logo parody t-shirt is perfect for all those “fu*k my life” moments. Like when your better half makes you do chores on Sunday instead of watching football. Embrace your reality and get one of these hilarious t-shirts here.

FML Fuck My Life NFL Logo Parody T-Shirt by 

#3 – San Francisco 69ers. 

69ERS – Karma is like a ‘69’ – you get what you give! Whether you’re a 49ers fan, or you just want to inject some comedy into your football Sunday’s, this t-shirt is sure to turn a frown upside-down! Get sexy and pickup up one of these hysterical San Francisco 49ers parody tees right here.

69ers - San Francisco 49ers Parody T-Shirt by 

#2 – Would You Wear Me? I’d Wear Me. 

BUFFALO BILL(S)  – Buffalo Bill was a bad man. The Buffalo Bills are a bad team. This t-shirt is bad ass. Support the team that made made 4 trips in a row to the Superbowl…and lost them all. Available here

Buffalo Bills Silence of the Lambs Parody T-Shirt by 

#1 – Thug Life Cheeseheads 

GREEN BAY TUPACKERS – It's the t-shirt where NFL Football meets Thug Life! Bust some rhymes on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field with this awesome Tupac Shakur / Green Bay Packers mashup t-shirt. The perfect addition for NFL’s opening night! Want one? Click here

Green Bay Packers Tupac Shakur Mashum T-Shirt by 

There’s only 18 days, 12 hours, 57 minutes, and 6 seconds left until the NFL season begins, but who’s counting! It would appear that we are.

Make sure to visit our NFL PARODY T-SHIRT COLLECTION to see many more football-themed shirts, and be sure to grab a few of our hilarious t-shirts before the season starts.

As always, for reading along, we’re issuing a special discount code, good for 10% off ALL of our football-themed tees! Just use promo code NFL10  at checkout for 10% off any of our hilarious NFL t-shirts.

Thanks for reading, and we hope your team crushes it this NFL season!

Bye for now,




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  • Kim McLellon on

    You guys should make designs for every team

  • Jeff Shlanger on

    I like tupac and fml

  • BillsMafia29 on

    Buffalo bill 😂

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