As many as 60% of Americans play video games. And you might think the average gamer is pretty young...say 12-15 years old, but you’d be way off.

Actually, over 40% of gamers are above the age of 36. (You're 38 and still play Goldeneye with your friends, just admit it...)


Hide The Pain Harold Video Games

You might wonder what this has to do with t-shirts. 

Well, the brain trust at BigBadTees (me, lol) breaks it down like this: if 100% of American’s wear t-shirts and 60% of them play video games, that means there are like...300 billion American’s who play video games and wear t-shirts...or something like that.

Here's a research-less chart I made on Microsoft Paint:


That’s a big market. So, we decided to make a bunch of hilarious video game-themed tees for all the t-shirt wearing, video game playing people out there.

Allow us to share a few (***and use promo code GAMER10 at checkout for 10% off our entire video game t-shirt collection***).


#5 – A Battle Royale...For Your Colon!

FARTNITE – Happiness comes from within...that's why it feels so good to fart! We pay tribute to one of the hottest video games of the last half-decade. What you get is this bad boy:

Fartnite by


#4 – Biggie Smalls for mayor. The Bowser slayer. 

BIGGIE SMALLS MARIO – Bust a few rhymes then rescue the princess with our hilarious Super Mario/Notorious BIG mashup t-shirt. Grab one here



#3 – Bring out the gimp. 

ZED'S DEAD – Be the cowboy you want to be, then bring out the gimp. Available here for your wearing and gaming pleasure.



#2 – The 'Royale With Cheese' of T-Shirts. 

VINCENT SEGA – Take Mrs. Mia Wallace out for a night on the town in this hilarious Pulp Fiction/Sega mashup tee. We've got it right here



#1 – That head. That strange, off-putting head.

PIKACHU HAS ZIKA – It's an awkwardly hilarious Pokemon parody t-shirt that will make some laugh and others feel uncomfortable. Available here


As video-gamers ourselves, we felt it was our duty to make some funny video game t-shirts.

But these were just a few of our hilarious gamer tees. For the rest of our Gaming T-Shirt collection, click here.

***And don't forget to use promo code GAMER10 at checkout for 10% off our entire video game t-shirt collection***


Thanks for reading along, and enjoy the rest of your summer!




  • stokedonline on

    One of my favorite ways to style oversized plain T-shirts is by knotting them at the waist. It adds a fun and playful touch to the look while still keeping it casual and comfortable. It’s become my signature look!

  • Lee Slattery on

    Pick oddjob and shoot for the knees

  • Clint McLachlan on

    No oddjobs lol……….or proximity mines!!

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