Even though it’s been fall for over a month, warm early autumn temperatures can sometimes still make you ask yourself: Where the heck did summer go?

Maybe you live in the northeast, or perhaps the Midwest. Maybe fall and winter don’t exactly seem like ideal t-shirt weather.

But don’t fret, dear t-shirt fans because every single one of our hilarious, original designs is available in hoodies as well!

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That’s right…as the cold weather approaches and you begin to have visions of scraping ice off your windshield, you can take comfort – literally and figuratively – in knowing that BigBadTees is here to keep you hilariously warm and toasty this fall and winter season with one of our ultra comfy, ultra hysterical 100% cotton hoodies.

Can’t decide which one of our funny hoodies is the most hilarious? Let us help.

We’ve selected a short list of our top 5 best-selling funny hoodies from 2019. Here they are!


#5 – Versace Sasquatch

VERSQUATCHE – Love designer fashion? Love hunting squatches? Well, we have great news because your perfect hoodie DOES exist! Watch the Patterson-Grimlin film in hilarity and grab one here.

Funny Versace Versquatche Parody Hoodie

#4 – Chubbs Lacoste

CHUBBS PETERSON – We pay tribute to the greatest (fictional) golf instructor in the history of the game: the extraordinary Chubbs Peterson. Teaching you to “just tap it in” since 1996. Available here.

Funny Chubbs Peterson Happy Gilmore Parody Hoodie by

#3 – Who’s Playing Tonight?

THE SHITTY BEATLES – Celebrate the worst opening band in Aurora, Illinois with this amazing Wayne’s World/Beatles mashup tribute hoodie. You’ll be saying “party on, Wayne” in no time! We’ve got it right here.

The Shitty Beatles Wayne's World Parody Hoodie By

#2 – Red Head’s Unite

GINGERS – As if it wasn’t bad enough that gingers have no soul. Maybe you know a ginger, or maybe you’re a ginger yourself. Either way, this hysterical Wendy’s logo parody hoodie will brighten up their otherwise gloomy existence. A perfect gift for the ginger on your shopping list, and available right here.

Funny Gingers Wendy's Parody Hoodie By

#1 – Sex With A What?

BULLS ROBOT CRAB – Ever notice that if you turn the Chicago Bulls logo upside down, it looks like a robot having sex with a crab? We did. So we made this hoodie!

Funny Chicago Bulls Parody Hoodie By

And so there you have it. Our 5 most hilarious hoodies.

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that oddball on your shopping list who you never seem to know what to buy?? (and yes, we said CHRISTMAS before it’s even Halloween)

Then look no further!

It’s never too early to start knocking people off your Christmas list.

We have a gigantic selection of hysterical t-shirts and hoodies in both men’s and women’s styles, and in a wide range of sizes. 

For much of the United States, fall and winter are pretty damn cold. So keep warm this holiday season with some hysterical, ultra-comfortable cotton hoodies by BigBadTees.

Happy shopping!


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