10 Funniest Drinking T-Shirts
Hey T-Shirt fans! Let's talk drinking.
Whether you are day drinking or going to pub night, one thing’s for sure: it wouldn’t be the same without a funny drinking t shirt!
And that’s where we fit in.
BigBadTees has compiled a list of the 10 funniest and most outrageous partying t-shirts to make your next pub crawl a huge laugh. (Click any shirt title or image to link directly to the product!)
Without further ado:


#10 - Bigfoot, Sasquatch & Yeti Drinking Clinic

YETI FORD - - This beauty is a Big Bad Tees original. Bet you didn’t know that over 68% of all Bigfoot's suffer from alcoholism? Sasquatches party hard too, so god bless Yeti Ford for establishing the Yeti Ford Center: serving patients, saving squatches.

Yeti Ford Center T-Shirt by 


#9 – Bigfoot, Sasquatch & Yeti Walk Into A Bar...

DRUNKEN YETI PUB - - Let’s keep the Yeti vibes going with this hilarious drinking t-shirt.  It's the perfect tee to wear while drinking a beer at the Sasquatch Music Festival.
Drunken Yeti Pub by


#8 – King Of Funny, King Of Beers

WISENHEIMER - King Of Jokes - - This shirt is for the beer shirt aficionado who doubles as class clown. You’ll get a higher caliber of laughs in this bad boy. 

Wisenheimer T-Shirt by


#7 - Perfection = Sunny Day, BBQ & A...

GOOD BEER - - Just like we all have our favorite bar, club or pub, we also have our favorite beer! Celebrate yours in this hilarious Goodyear parody t-shirt. You’ll never get TIREd of this one! 

GoodBeer T-Shirt by


#6 -Take This Tequila Shirt With Salt & Lemon 

TEQUILA - - One tequila (t-shirt) two tequila (t-shirt) three tequila (t-shirt) floor. Before you pass out from one (or five) too many, make sure you grab this hilarious tequila drinking t shirts. 

Tequila T-Shirt by


#5 – For The Drinker Who Keeps A Running Tab

BEER TAB OLYMPICS. - - Frank Sinatra once said, “If drinking was an Olympic event, Dean Martin would be the coach!” The kind, hardworking people over at seem to be on the same page. They’ve cracked our top 5 with this hilarious and hysterical Olympics beer tab t-shirt. - Beer Tab Olympics T-Shirt


#4 – Zombie Shirt For Your Late Night Booze Run

WALKING DEAD LABEL. - - By the time pub night is over, you’re probably going to look like a zombie. In the morning, you’re going to feel like one. So grab this funny zombie t-shirt, party your BRAINS out, and embrace your inner walker. 

Dead Label T-Shirt by


3 – Glengarry Glenross, Glenfiddich: Always Be ...

GLENGARRY GLENFIDDICH. - - ABD – Always be drinking. Glengarry Glen Ross is a classic movie & Scotch is a classic drink. How can we not love this mashup. Especially when it reminds us that the best drinks are for closers!

 Glengarry Glenfiddich T-Shirt by


2 – I Am The One Who Knocks... Back A Few Beers

BREAKING BAD BEER - - Walter White AKA Heisenberg is a total bad ass, and one of the greatest TV characters of all time. If you’re a beer guy or gal, Carlsberg is quite delicious. Mash them up together, and you get our number 2 funniest ever drinking and partying t-shirt. Yeah Beer, B*tch!

Funny Breaking Bad Beer


1 – Drunk Level: 100

JOHNNIE CAN'T WALKER - - Ever partied so hard you need a wheelchair? That’s why this funny drinking t-shirt takes the coveted number 1 spot. If you party THAT hard, you’re the champ. You win the drinking Olympics. And you need  this t-shirt! 

Funny Johnnie Walker Shirt


STILL can’t find that perfect drinking shirt? No worries – has an extensive list of drinking and partying t-shirts with many other designs not featured above. Just click here and accessorize with your favorite cocktail!


CHEERS for now!


  • Mark on

    You guys have a great sense of humor that reflects in your shirt designs. Wanted to know if you work with customer created t-shirt designs; like could/would you make a shirt with a design I created or would you be interested in selling on your site, or something like that?

  • Adam on

    Yeti Ford HAHAHAHA!!!!

  • Leslie Mansfield on

    You guys are hilarious lol. Great designs!

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