BigBadTees DIVA t-shirt featured in Rent

So we’re sitting around when an email comes in from a costume coordinator in Los Angeles who says she represents the Broadway production of Rent  and would we mind if they used our DIVA tee in their play:






Ace Ventura - Gee Let Me Think


Within a couple days we had our tees delivered in LA, just in time for their dress rehearsals:


USPS T-Shirt-Tracking


Then we find out that it’s not only being used throughout the course of the Broadway production, but that it will also be featured in “Rent: Live”, which aired on Fox on January 27th. Check this out:


BigBadTees DIVE T-Shirt - As Seen in Rent!


You may have seen a story in the news about one of the main actors – Brennin Hunt – who broke his foot in the dress rehearsal:


USA Today - Rent Live Article


I guess when they say “break a leg”, sometimes it actually happens! Tough break, Brennin (hiyo!).


The cool part is that our DIVA tee was clearly visible throughout the show. Here's a few more pics:


BigBadTees - DIVA T-Shirt - As Seen in RENT


BigBadTees - DIVA T-Shirt - As Seen in RENT


What’s even cooler is that this is the second  time BigBadTees t-shirts have been used on television (we’re also featured on Velocity Network’s Carfix which air Saturday’s at 11am).


We’re starting to make a habit of getting on TV, and it’s a habit we don’t want to quit!


If you want to grab your own DIVA tee, CLICK HERE or click the t-shirt image below:


BigBadTees - DIVA T-Shirt


That’s all for now.





  • BigBadTees Support on

    Ya Reggie – that was a custom mod by their costume crew lol. Sorry…we don’t offer crop-tops at this point!

  • Reggie Cummings on

    The pics show cut off sleeves tho…

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