A little while back I “invested” into cryptocurrency. (I placed quotations around the word “invested” to emphasize extreme sarcasm - insert term “lost money” in place of “invested” lol).


Bitcoin Chart


I’m not bitter about it whatsoever. Serves me right for jumping on the hype train and buying Bitcoin just a few short months after its price reached an all-time high.


Bitcoin Hype Train


It’s amazing how a little media hype can cloud the age old adage of “buy low sell high.” Wait…I thought you said BUY HIGH SELL LOW! (Insert facepalm emoji.)


In keeping with the theme of our previous post entitled “How we create shirt designs”, I thought this would be another perfect example of where we draw inspiration from.


Ok, so Bitcoin took a nose dive. Why cry about it when you can laugh instead!?


My journey into buying digital nothingness has allowed me to turn a negative into a positive by creating some pretty sweet crypto-themed t-shirt designs. Here’s what we offer on our shop right now: - Cryptocurrency T Shirts


The point is, life is filled with lots of ups and downs: emotional, spiritual, and sometimes even financial. To quote Paul Rudd as surf instructor “Chuck” (AKA Kunu) in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, “When life gives you lemons, just say fu*k the lemons and bail”.


Forgetting Sarah Marshall


So, I f’d the lemons and bailed on the bad crypto vibes, and as I often do, saw the funny side of it all and took the opportunity to turn a life experience into a bunch of fresh t shirt designs for our shop.


Cheers for now,



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