It’s always amazing how fast Christmas seems to sneak up on you. It feels like Black Friday was only yesterday, and all of a sudden we’re less than a week away from Christmas.


At BigBadTees, our holiday season has been a terrific success. Tons of people will be waking up on Christmas morning to unwrap some holiday laughs with our t-shirts as gifts.


It's a pretty awesome feeling to create a design from scratch, put it up for sale on the store, have clients spend their hard earned dollars on our products, and then be rewarded with the thought of someone unwrapping a ‘Schmeckled Trout’ or ‘Pizza Slut’ tee for Christmas. It's funny just thinking about it.


Although we created a specific lineup of holiday-themed tees (more on that shortly), our overwhelming number one seller this holiday season has been our ‘Black Fives Matter’ shirt. This, of course, is a Black Lives Matter parody design:  

BigBadTees Black Fives Matter Funny T-Shirt 


Who wouldn’t want to be the toast of poker night in this hilarious t-shirt? (Side note: here’s an actual message from a client who bought the Black Fives Matter tee for her boyfriend’s grandmother as Christmas gift.) LOL:

BigBadTees - Message From Client 


Back to our holiday-themed tees for a minute. Currently, we have 10 available, but rest assured there will be more next year. In no particular order, they are:


  • Jew Tang Clan – Pretty self-explanatory. Jew and Wu rhyme. Add some hilarious silhouettes and a menorah for good measure, and BOOM. You’ve got a holiday classic. Its popularity should carry on right through the year 5780.


  • Dick In A Box – The design is based off the Dropbox logo, but the main concept is the classic SNL ‘Dick In A Box’ sketch. In the sketch, the 'dick' in said 'box' was a Christmas gift.


  • Hung Horse – A hilarious Christmas design featuring a horse mask, a stocking, and an innuendo. 


  • Jingle Bells – Taco BELL. Jingle BELLs. Get it? A straight up Christmas logo parody.


  • Merry Chrismukkah – Ever notice that a deer’s antlers look like a menorah? No? We did. So we made this t-shirt.


  • Santara – Make Christmas rock and roll in this hilarious Pantera/Santa mashup tee. Heavy. Metal. 


  • Santa Fanta – Know the Fanta logo? Know Santa? Now you’re starting to think like us!


  • Dumb Christmas – Just HAD to pay homage to our favorite comedy movie and its epic main character; Mr. Lloyd Christmas.


  • Little Jerk – It’s the greatest line from the greatest Christmas movie ever made: Home Alone. Uncle Frank was kind of a dick.


  • Diverse Christmas – We’ve all heard the song “White Christmas”. Sounds too racist for 2018/19, so we added a dash of holiday equality.


So that’s it for now. You probably won’t hear from us until after Christmas. Until then, We'll be gearing up for our gigantic BOXING WEEK BOGO sale where everything in the store will be buy one item, get the second of equal or lessor value for 50% off. It’s a great time to stock up on our hilarious tees at the best prices of the season, so stay tuned!


Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from all of us at


Peace & love,



  • Amanda Zimmerman on

    The holiday shirts are pretty awesome. I love the jew tang one lol.

  • Ron Arnold on

    Great article. Merry Christmas to you guys as well!

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